Just When I Needed Her Most
Just When I Needed Her Most is an inspirational, emotional, and heartwarming...
88 is Great
This unusual memoir covers almost nine decades of a full and exuberant life....
Snow Drift
It’s hot day in the Valley. Jack and Mira decide they want to travel to...
Panic in Paradise
Panic in Paradise is the story of two very smart and precocious (children who...
Mystery in the Monastery
Jack and Mira are having a great summer. Jack is in camp learning to ride a...
Garden of Secrets
Jack, Mira and Nugget, two elementary school kids, and their adopted wolf,...
The Briar Patch
The State Department’s obscure 1970’s Cold War Office for...
Surviving to Twenty-One- ebook
A six-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother in a New York City tenement....
Short Stories and Poems
Short stories and Poems by Edward Ansel McCloud
Emory's Magic Blanket- The Sailboat- eBook
Emory doesn't want to take a bath. Once he does he has an amazing adventure...
I'll Try The Possum eBook
A middle-aged man recalls growing up as a geek but is now able to laugh about...
A Common Sense Strategy to Fighting Gravity and Birthdays- eBook
This book is just me sharing some intimate personal health philosophy. It has...
Mostly Critters... eBook
In Mostly Critters... you will have the pleasure of traveling through the Wit...
The Smile That Lasted A Lifetime
The Smile that Lasted a Lifetime is an enthralling human interest story,...
After Three Days-eBook
How could Jesus be crucified on a Friday afternoon, ay in the grave three...
The Journal- eBook
Women especially will be drawn into this novel about two courageous sisters...