A Common Sense Strategy to Fighting Gravity and Birthdays- eBook

A Common Sense Strategy to Fighting Gravity and Birthdays- eBook
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I am a degreed Engineer who is fairly preserved for a man is his 58th year on Earth. I have been employed in the Medical Device Industry for the past 33 years and they have provided my family with a steady paycheck. My wife, Betsy, and I are in our 28th year of marriage and currently have 2 dogs and a cat in the family. We have lived in beautiful Saint Augustine beach since 1997 and enjoy many activities in the warm Florida sunshine. 


Some of the activities that have kept me occupied and entertained would include; books, movies, concerts, music, guitar, recording, hiking, biking, gardening, water sports, travel, flea markets, eBay, animals, Internet surfing, working out, eating, and having a couple cold beers with friends. To do any of these effectively, it is helpful to be healthy and energized. I am not a fitness or health fanatic but have found a need to take care of myself through exercise, nutrition, and burning the calories off the hips that pass through the lips. 


This book is just me sharing some intimate personal health philosophy. It has been a challenge for me to attmept to stay fit and feeling good physically and mentally. Whether exercising or just an awareness of what is consumed as food it takes a concerted effort to feel good and stay healthy. You have to schedule certain activities on a regular basis to keep the bodies systems functioning at an optimum level. It really strikes home just home important health is when you are sick or injured. 


I am just scratching the surface and do not go deep into any one area of health, What works for me may work for others. I am always intrested in hearing other health philosophies as well. We should be able to practice medicine on our own bodies even without a Doctors Degree. There has to be some way on increasing our productivie longevity. Keep it sensible, legal, and ethical, and try to live full and completely enjoyable lives.

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