Just When I Needed Her Most
Product ID : 978-1-61063-128-0
Just When I Needed Her Most is an inspirational, emotional, and heartwarming...
88 is Great
Product ID : 978-1-61063-080-1
This unusual memoir covers almost nine decades of a full and exuberant life....
Snow Drift
Product ID : 978-1-61063-052-8
It’s hot day in the Valley. Jack and Mira decide they want to travel to...
Panic in Paradise
Product ID : 978-1-61063-048-1
Panic in Paradise is the story of two very smart and precocious (children who...
Mystery in the Monastery
Product ID : 978-1-61063-050-4
Jack and Mira are having a great summer. Jack is in camp learning to ride a...
Garden of Secrets
Product ID : 8d5b2990ea23e457
Jack, Mira and Nugget, two elementary school kids, and their adopted wolf,...
The Briar Patch
Product ID : 978-1-61063-051-1
The State Department’s obscure 1970’s Cold War Office for...
Surviving to Twenty-One- ebook
Product ID : 978-1-61063-005-4
A six-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother in a New York City tenement....
Short Stories and Poems
Product ID : 9781611339659e
Short stories and Poems by Edward Ansel McCloud
Special Agent In Charge- eBook
Product ID : 9781611339222
Emory's Magic Blanket- The Sailboat- eBook
Product ID : 9781611339208
Emory doesn't want to take a bath. Once he does he has an amazing adventure...
I'll Try The Possum eBook
Product ID : 9781611339673e
A middle-aged man recalls growing up as a geek but is now able to laugh about...
A Common Sense Strategy to Fighting Gravity and Birthdays- eBook
Product ID : 9781611339406e
This book is just me sharing some intimate personal health philosophy. It has...
Mostly Critters... eBook
Product ID : 9781611339635-e
In Mostly Critters... you will have the pleasure of traveling through the Wit...
The Smile That Lasted A Lifetime
Product ID : 9781611339598e
The Smile that Lasted a Lifetime is an enthralling human interest story,...
After Three Days-eBook
Product ID : 9780988867802-e
How could Jesus be crucified on a Friday afternoon, ay in the grave three...
The Journal- eBook
Product ID : 978-1-61133-978-9
Women especially will be drawn into this novel about two courageous sisters...