Children's Books

The Color Bridge Race
In Marvin Williams debut children's book he takes you on an adventure over...
Mama Bear and the Cubs- The Beehive- Book 2
Join Mama Bear and the Cubs for their second adventure with the Beehive!
Mama Bear and the Cubs: The Secret Blueberry Patch Book 3
Join Mama Bear and her cubs on their latest adventure in the Blueberry Patch.
On the Day Our Klaire Bear Came to Town
Eileen Erikson is a wife, a mother and now a grandmother. She is also a nurse...
Glonda's Hair
Glonda is an adventurous four year old who is in love with her natural hair...
Good Golly It's Holly
"Good Golly It's Holly" is a humorous book recounting the true tales of a...
God's Last Animal
A humerous take on how God created an unusual animal from the left over parts...
Lil Charlie and Sock Monekys
A loved filled childrens book about a train loving kid who journeys to find...
Flight Day
Francesca Flamingo Trilogy
When ordering this series, you are ordering all 3 books in this series!
Seashore Adventure
Francesca Flamingo Seashore Adventure is the second book of the series...
Flight with Fritz
Francesca Flamingo Flight with Fritz is the final book of the series...
Journey of Joy
Francesca Flamingo Journey of Joy is the first book of the series Francesca...
Quacky Duck
Beasley the duck goes from the small tub to the big pond!
Clouds Dont Moo
Mommee's Moo Moo
Mommee’s Moo Moo is a true story about a toddler’s playful moments with...