Mystery in the Monastery
Product ID : 978-1-61063-044-3
Jack and Mira are having a great summer. Jack is in camp learning to ride a...
Power Fade
Product ID : 9780983873754
Professional golfer Roy Gilbert wakes up dazed and defenseless, in the...
Deadly Loop
Product ID : 9780983873761
Professional caddy Andy Marsh is fired by his pro before the San Diego event....
The Briar Patch
Product ID : 9781610630368
The State Department’s obscure 1970’s Cold War Office for...
Mommee's Moo Moo
Product ID : 978-1-61063-027-6
Mommee’s Moo Moo is a true story about a toddler’s playful moments with...
Classic Car-ma
Product ID : 978-1-61063-037-5
Kaytee’s extraordinary gift for capturing light, line, shadow and...
Shadow of Doubt
Product ID : 9780986336706
In today’s world of dissolving marriages, women often find themselves...
Letters From Between the Humps
Product ID : 9781610630283
I had worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years for CSX (the railroad) when the...
The patients of a Saint
Product ID : 1-4107-1721-6
Eileen Erikson is a nurse with a heart. Her story is a loving tribute to the...
Kamille's Birthday Circus
Product ID : 9781934666227
In Kamille's Birthday Circus I tell the story of my granddaughter's first...
Up in Nathanael’s Room
Product ID : 9781449003852
When my grandson Nathanael was born, February 12, 2004, we were so excited,...
Love They Neighbor
Product ID : 978-1-61133-984-0
So all my real ladies, will you take this journey with me, as I allow God to...
Reset & Redo Workbook: The Change God Ordained for a Life Long Marriage
Product ID : 978-1-61063-013-9
(Please note: This is the companion workbook to the textbook, Reset & Redo...
Reset & Redo: The Change God Ordained for a Life Long Marriage
Product ID : 978-161063-012-2
(Please note: This has a companion Workbook) God's word does not guarantee...
Stop Making Sense
Product ID : 978-1-61063-007-8
Im proud to say this is one of my most entertaining book. Many of the poems...
Favorite and Nutritional Recipes in a Spiritual Path
Product ID : 978-1-61133-970-3
I’m a humble lady born in a small town in Puerto Rico and currently reside...
Chrysalis: A Spiritual Journey
Product ID : 978-1-61063-981-1
After enduring several decades of pain and anguish in survival of the...
Invest Your Wat to Success
Product ID : 978-1-61133-921-5
Thousands of people try their hand in the real estate investing market every...