Reset & Redo: The Change God Ordained for a Life Long Marriage
Product ID : 978-161063-012-2
(Please note: This has a companion Workbook) God's word does not guarantee...
Stop Making Sense
Product ID : 978-1-61063-007-8
Im proud to say this is one of my most entertaining book. Many of the poems...
Favorite and Nutritional Recipes in a Spiritual Path
Product ID : 978-1-61133-970-3
I’m a humble lady born in a small town in Puerto Rico and currently reside...
Chrysalis: A Spiritual Journey
Product ID : 978-1-61063-981-1
After enduring several decades of pain and anguish in survival of the...
Invest Your Wat to Success
Product ID : 978-1-61133-921-5
Thousands of people try their hand in the real estate investing market every...
Self-Editing for Beginners
Product ID : 978-1-61063-002-3
"It's done," the first-time author says, as the last period is put on the...
Methods for Managing Chronic Pain
Product ID : 978-1-61063-003-0
This monograph is meant to help in understanding the mechanisms of chronic...
Surviving to Twenty-One
Product ID : 978-1-61063-004-7
A six-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother in a New York City tenement....
Boodgies Adventure
Product ID : 978-1-61133-944-4
THE BIG M is now a television series, showing only on The Autism Channel....
Pizza with Extra Doom
Product ID : 978-1-61133-945-1
THE BIG M is now a television series, showing only on The Autism Channel....
Never is Over
Product ID : 978-1-61133-973-4
Use the Other Door : Adult Poems
Product ID : 978-1-61133-952-9
Mountain Men
Product ID : 9781611339376
Mountain Men is a memoir relating to the little known history of North...
No Place to Hide
Product ID : 9781611339352
Death By Default
Product ID : 9781611339543
Death by Default, a first rate mystery with a unique premise, contains...
Joey the Opossum
Product ID : 9781611339574
Join Joey in this amazing children's tale that will be sure to touch your heart
Special Agent In Charge
Product ID : 9781611339413
**Currently Available for preorder** Books will ship April 1st. Join...
The Unique Book of Short Stories
Product ID : 9781610630016
A Sampling of Brenda G. Williams prophetic original writings.